The Treasure Box, Vol.1, Vol.2


Vol.2 released!! + Free APP

Can you open the treasure boxes?!
There are lots of hidden tricks waiting for you.

※ Please note, there are three types.

The Treasure BoxThe Treasure Box Vol.1The Treasure Box Vol.2
The Treasure Box
The The Treasure Box Vol.1
The Treasure Box Vol.2
No AdsAds Free $1.99Ads Free $1.99
※ The contents are the SAME

  • Each map has beautiful graphics with different themes
  • Various tricks to solve, such as buttons, sliders, mini puzzles and passwords
  • Start from any treasure boxes you want (*1)
  • Collect treasures
  • Some treasure boxes have double tricks
  • Support for GameCenter
  • Auto save

*1 Once you open the treasure boxes, you can play them in any order.
However if you're stuck in the game, you can get the "unlock all levels" add-on.
You can unlock all the levels and play with any treasure boxes by purchasing the add-on.

[Tips to open the treasure box]
  • Tap the buttons or drag the sliders to run the tricks on the screen
  • It's important to understand how the tricks work and hints on the screen
  • Pick up the items and use them
  • Tilt or shake the device. The intuitive motion controls are also an important key to solve the game
  • Put your heads together and figure out the passwords, quizzes or mini puzzles

Try the ingenious tricks on the game now.
Can you open all the boxes and get the treasures?

You are awesome if you can solve all of them!