Maze For Kids


Update: July 12, 2011 Price: US$1.99 Category: Education

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Let's play a nice illustrated maze that you can paint, as well!

"Maze For Kids" is a maze game for children, which they can use as a
"coloring book", as well. This game serves as a training for the
child's conclusions, reasoning and imagination.

There are two different modes.

-Playing by drawing a line-
You can use your favorite color and freely draw a line.
Just draw a line from the start to the goal.
Furthermore you can also use it as a "coloring book".
After you've played the maze, just paint it in your favorit color.

-"Lead a character" mode-
The character moves to the place you touch and leaves footprints as he moves.
Just lead the character from the start to the goal.
The character isn't able to overleap the walls (black parts).
Besides start and goal, there are hidden places that produce sounds.
So just take a little walk.

Other functions.
  • The drawn line, the footprints and the character's position are automatically saved if you press the x-button in the right upper corner, so you can reopen it later.
  • You can save the picture you've drawn as an image. (All the image files are saved in the photo library.) It is also possible to send the images vie e-mail and print them, as well.
  • Via settings you can freely choose one from a palette of 8 different colors. (While playing, you can choose a color by pressing the palette button)
  • You can regulate the "touch position". (By shifting the touched point and the point where the drawn picture actually appears, you can avoid that the pencil's tip is covered by the fingers.)
  • The footprints' color and size are also adjustable.
  • If you choose white paper, the maze isn't displayed and the surface can be used for free painting.