Find XX! - World Heritage Edition


Released: Apr 16, 2012 Price: Free Category: Game


This innovative quiz game is based on searching and guessing the exact location on the world map!

This is the "World Heritage" version.

Thanks to this game you will feel familiar with the world heritages and geography. It will also give you the feeling of traveling.

[How to Play]

1. Tap START to display the world map and quiz.

2. When you enlarge the map to specify the location, the "red flag" will be put on the correct location.

3. Tap the flag. The name and the check button will appear. Tap the check button.

This way is how to solve a quiz.

Once you solve a quiz, you'll be also able check the following sites.

The "W" button links to the Wikipedia. If you want to know more about the quiz answer, go to check the link.

The "P" button links to the Google map. Panoramio will allow you to view the photos around the area. Street View is also available depending on the location you choose.

(* About Wikipedia, Google map, Panoramio, please follow the terms of use of each site.)

Tap the "→" button to try the next quiz.

If you have no idea where the location is, take a hint.
You can view the hint by tapping "Show Hint" on the "Menu" at the upper right.
Tap the "→" button to skip to the next quiz.