Image Coin Bank


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Lets start saving money !

Lets start saving money, using "Image Coin Bank".
You can choose an image for your goal, and the amount you want to save.
As you put money into your coin bank, the hidden image will start to appear.

【How to use】
1. First, prepare a real coin bank. (This will not be included in the application)
2. Think of what you want to buy with the money you saved, and put a title on it.
3. Enter the amount you want to save, and take a photo of the item you want to get.
4. Decide on the number of division of a photo.
(If saving once per day, this number will equal to the days till you achieve your goal)
5. Now the image bank is set to go. Next, let me explain the everyday procedure.
6. Choose a coin bank from the list. The photo of your goal will be shown.
At first, the photo will be hidden behind white blocks.
7. Click on a block. The amount will show.
8. Put the amount into your coin bank, and click "ok".
9. White block will disappear, and the image hidden behind will appear.
10. Save every day, and get rid of all of the white blocks.
11. When the whole photo appears, your goal has been achieved.
Congratulations! The amount you wanted to save, is in your coin bank.

Image Coin Bank Free

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This is a free trial version of "Image Coin Bank".

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