Best Bowling (v3.0)


Updated: May 16, 2011 Price: UR$4.99 Category: Sports


Very popular for my-bowler!!

"Best Bowling" is a application manages the score of bowling. It can display various statistics regarding to registered data.

There is no need to manage the score on computers after coming back home. It can be easily typed during the match, and can be analyzed at any time.

  • Ball settings changed: from every game to every frame.

  • Data lookup function added.

    Plus, now you can:
  • Record your position and Spot.

  • Edit the Time Period in the Summary.

  • Display a red line as base line in the "Analyze" menu of " Game Score Graph".

  • Display Total Score, Average Score and High-Game while entering your scores.

Best Bowling Free (v2.2)

Updated: May 16, 2011 Price: Free Category: Sports


This is a free trial version of "Best Bowling"

[Free version limitation]
  • The advertisement is displayed.
  • Events can be registered only up to 100.
  • The output of data is possible. However, it cannot be recovered.
  • (You can migrate all the date from the free version to the full version since it allows you to restore the data. ※Both your PC and iOS machines must have WiFi connectability. )

    The full version has been upgraded to v3.0 with these additional functions.
    These functions are not and will not be available in the free version.

  • Register your standing position and spot
  • Search data by event name, location, score etc.
  • and more