3 Differences? 三


Released:June 14, 2012 Price: Free Category: Game - Puzzle


A new version of "Five Differences?", the series that has been downloaded 1,000,000 times!

This is a new kind of a spot the difference game in which you have to find the 3 differences among 3 pictures.

The controls are simple. Simply touch where you can find a difference!

Each game contains 3 differences.
Complete the game by finding all the differences, or the game will be over if you touch a wrong spot for 3 times or if you run out of time.
Find at least one of the differences, and you can go to the next level.

Each spot has different points.
The time limit is about 2 minutes. If you can solve a level for the first trial, you'll get triple or double points dependent on how fast you can solve it.

We'll add more levels in the next updates.
If you like the app, keep it on your device and wait for the next update!

Available for free. Enjoy the game now.

Thank you

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